Posted by: gloria | March 22, 2012

Midday Coffee Break

I’m still having wordpress issues. 😦

Anyway, Cristian and I will be going to the midnight showing of the Hunger Games tonight. Yay! So, in honor of Cinna, I will play Lenny Kravitz – Are you gonna go my way. Holla!



  1. Y’all have fun! DH and the kids are going with the youth group from church on Saturday.

  2. The oldest boy desperately wanted to go last night, but I just couldn’t imagine how he’d be today after being up that late (plus, I would’ve probably fallen asleep during the film). A friend of mine here in NC went–she and her husband were extras in the film! They caught two glimpses of him, but they couldn’t see her at all.

  3. I’m away for the weekend, but DS was determined to see it on opening weekend, so he talked DH into taking him tomorrow night. To be sure they’d get tickets, we bought them online.

    DS is very excited to see the movie and to share this thing that he is so ‘into’ with DH.

  4. HaHaHaha…

    I was over at Huffington Post reading a piece about Anne Lamott’s new book about becoming a grandmother. Her son, the father of her grandchild, was young and not married. Anyway, some cocky young man had to post this in response:

    “Sorry…I have two sons (7 and 3) and my wife and I didn’t have children until we were married and we didn’t get married until we were 27 and 28 (granted we didn’t meet until 24/25). If either of my sons gets a girl pregnant prior to marriage, we’ll still love him but we will have FAILED as parents. In this world, in this economy, it’s insanity to have it happen, stunts your life changes hugely. Great that the author was kind to her son, but her tolerance in the first place could have led to this event.”

    Just HaHaHa…I would so like to be around his house in about 15 years!!!!!

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