Posted by: gloria | March 23, 2012

Friday Open Thread

I am dead. I literally got 2 hrs of sleep. However, if you enjoyed reading the Hunger Games – you’re going to LOVE the movie.

How are you this Friday morning?



  1. Hello… Everyone over at FB instead?

    I just helped out in the 8 year old’s classroom, printing fish they painted on t-shirts. They are learning about the salmon life cycle. I learned something I never knew, salmon go out to sea for 2-4 years and then swim back up the river to spawn in the exact same location where they were hatched. They figure this out by their sense of smell, which is better than a dog’s. Weird, eh?

    I tried to read the Hunger Games but could not get into it. Maybe am the only person out there who could say that? Everyone else seems to love it. I should probably try it again.

    • OK, if that’s where everyone is, I’ll put in a request to join; I guess I can stand to be on facebook for a few days. I still have a fb account because of a rare disease support group, but unfortunately that group has now been discovered by the person responsible for killing off the last support group so I’m not optimistic about where it is headed. Maybe MT being a closed group works better?

      I loved the fish lifecycle unit and those fishprint shirts! DS9’s came out looking like something from a museum shop; DS10’s looked like a bad encounter with a jelly sandwich.

      • Yes, lyn! Come to the dark side!!! Closed groups are awesome! 🙂

        • Awesome?? GiGi, really; it’s facebook. I’m ok with “temporarily acceptable” but I can’t wait to get our real site back.

          • My understanding is that we won’t “get our real site back.” It will still be this site, it will just be tweaked to resemble the old site as much as possible. I assume once the tweaks are done, they’ll move the domain.

            • Oh dear. I thought we were going to be returning home.

              • We are. It’ll be again. It’ll be fine, you’ll see. And we’re getting the “new” feature back for comments

          • No, it’s awesome. Really! Heh.

    • I haven’t read any of the Hunger Games books, either. Just reading about them, it doesn’t seem like the type of book I like. I figure at my age, I know pretty well what things I enjoy and what I don’t. I haven’t read any Harry Potter books or Girl with the Dragon Tattoo books. I guess I’m used to being out of step.

      • Yeah. Me, too. I did try to watch the first of the “Twilight” movies and kept thinking that it’s really nothing more than a Lifetime movie production for teenagers.

        I’m so old and cranky.

    • None for me thanks. My daughter loved the series and my husband fought his way through it but children killing children is not my idea of a good time.

      #2 read the book but we’ve decided he shouldn’t see the movie – he’s a sensitive guy and I don’t think he needs to see graphic (or even implied) depictions of dead kids.

  2. I can’t wait to see Hunger Games. I read the book last week, and I’ve just started Catching Fire.

    We’ve once again survived signing up for next year’s classes, this time for DD2. Everything was pretty straightforward, except for deciding whether to continue with yearbook. She’s still not sure she made the right decision, poor kid. I can’t believe she’s going to be a junior – and looking at her class schedule tells me it’s going to be a tough year. Pass the wine, please.

  3. My daughter (in the target age group) wasn’t that into The Hunger Games, but she still wants to see the movie.

  4. DH and I will be seeing the movie tonight!

    I ran 12 miles this morning. Sometimes I question why I ever signed up to run a marathon.

  5. Testing …

    • How bizarre. I see my icon below the comment box, but it doesn’t post. Am I doing something wrong?

  6. CRAP! We’re trying to figure out Clara’s childcare for fall and our backup (the really expensive place we sent Lucy) is full! We were looking at that as the backup plan that we could make work if we had to, but were hoping to find something else that is more affordable. Our wonderful nanny will not be available during the hours we would need her, so I have feelers out trying to find a gem of an in home place (so far, this is turning up nothing). I have some calls in to a few other centers, and am waiting for calls back. Shit. I hate that quality care is so expensive and also so hard to find.

    • Ugh. I’m sorry. Hope something turns up soon…

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